Find promos and latest offers as well as updates to the new resorts build in the heart of Bulacan.

Find out deals and discounts during rainy season events for your birthday, wedding, debut, family reunion and other events.

Pool builders in the Philippines and swimming pool and resort supplies and resources.

About Bulacan Resorts Website

This site was made in answer to call for a place to share important information, details, tips, promos, guides and the most complete list of the different resorts found in Bulacan area.

We also intend to give guides and waypoints to make your travel to reach your destination resort in Bulacan as easy as possible with less the traffic being nearest to Metro Manila.

Expect to find comparison rates and entrance fees so you know your best and cheapest option to celebrate swimming pool outing and events.

Using Google Maps, we expect to provide a clear guide on how to get to your favorite or chosen spot for celebrating summer fun under the heat of the sun.

Also expect to see featured photos for a particular resort which is essential to know what to expect when you get there.